How do I register for the Rotary International website My Rotary?

  1. Open a modern browser.  (Tip: We recommend Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 9 or 10. Older browsers such as IE8 will not work)
  2. Visit My Rotary at and click on the link to “Register.”
  3. Complete the steps as directed to initiate your registration.  (Tip: Enter “Club Name” and other details that will help us match you to your club record)
  4. You’ll be sent an email with a secure link – from the email, right click the link “Activate your account” to copy the web address and paste into the address bar in a new browser window.  (Tip: If you encounter browser issues after clicking the link, try again with one of the recommended browsers)
  5. Create a password and select a security question.  (Tip: Passwords must be at least eight characters, with one uppercase and one lowercase letter and one number. The answer to your security question must be at least four characters)
  6. Create your account.  (Tip: The option for “Remember Me” should remain checked so that you’re signed in to the site when you return

How do I sign in?

  1. Go to the sign-in page at
  2. Enter your sign-in email and password.
  3. Click “Sign in.”  (Tip: Once signed in, clicking your name at the top of any page takes you to your profile)