On-line Conference details

Our Conference On-line started on 23 February

This initiative is in line with DG Graeme’s desire to have an on-line component in conjunction with the District Conference and to supplement the content at the Conference itself.  So Conference delegates, those from our District who have not registered and are therefore not present, other Rotarians throughout Australia and the rest of the world, and the public generally will have a chance to tune-in.
The Conference On-line is a chance to re-live aspects of the Conference, discover new ideas, interact and learn more about Rotary, our clubs, and our district.
The on-line content will give clubs a chance to use the content at one or more club meetings.

The Conference was Streamed Live

For the first time in the history of our District (and its predecessors), the District Conference was beamed live direct from the Concert Hall at The Concourse!
Thank you to all who posted on Facebook or tweeted about the live broadcast.  You may continue to use the hashtag as you enjoy the on-line content.

The hashtag is #d9685con

Conference Highlights

The Conference was recorded and four 10 minute highlights packages will be available shortly – one for each of the four Conference sessions.
They will be available on this Conference On-line page.

Your Club Meeting

Consider including a conference segment or even a live webinar in one or more of your club meetings – perhaps in place of a guest speaker.
This will be a good way to show new and older members a glimpse of how good District Conferences are.  Potential Rotarians should also find them interesting.

Speaker Presentations

Each speaker’s presentation and or speaker notes will be available as part of this Conference On-line page.

Breakout Outcomes

The convenor of each breakout session will summarise the outcomes of their session and these will be available as part of this Conference On-line page.

Join us in a Webinar

Have you ever attended a webinar?  It is simply a seminar conducted over the Internet. You log in from your desktop or smart device, then view and listen to the presentation.  You may also ask questions and have them answered – simply type your question and submit.
Each webinar ran from 30-40 minutes and the recording is available as part of our Conference On-line.
The webinars were:

Tuesday 4 March

How your Club can Change Lives with RAWCS

Wednesday 5 March

Keep your members informed

Thursday 6 March

A. Recognition of Youth Awards, and Rotaract
B. Vocational Service with a Focus on Youth and Young Adults

Monday 10 March

Today’s Research is Tomorrow’s Treatment

Tuesday 11 March

Engaging Women in Rotary – a pathway to membership growth and diversity
Each webinar was recorded and is available for playback as part of our Conference On-line.
The Conference owes much to Chatswood RSL for its donation under the ClubGrants scheme, and to our commercial Sponsors, Subaru Australia & Ord Minnett.
The support given by Willoughby City Council, The Concourse, and Century Venues has been invaluable.
See more videos on our
or go to our YouTube channel
See more webinars on our
or go to our YouTube channel