Grievance Handling

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ImageThere can sometimes be division in a club or one member of the club feels that he/she is being ostracized. It might be that they feel they are not part of the ‘in’ group or they feel that their ideas are not fully considered as the club follows a regular ‘routine’. The person might feel a change might be good for the club while others disagree and are happy in their routine.

In such cases it is not good to let a person simply leave or to allow the club to split into two factions. Each club should have a formal grievance procedure. There should be a small group of people headed by one person who will listen to the opinions of a club member or club members. Often dissatisfaction arises from small misunderstandings or because something has been overlooked. These things can be easily remedied if they are known about. It might also be necessary to call on someone outside the club who is seen to be impartial if the trouble is too disruptive within the club.

It is important that the club recognises the possible need and puts a procedure in place so if a problem arises or if a club member wants someone to talk to, the procedure is in place.