Membership Development Grants

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Guidelines for District 9685 Membership Development Grant





Increasing Club membership is a key focus for Rotary District 9685.
To assist Clubs in recruiting new members, District will provide financial support through a development grants program.
The annual budget will be $15,000 and the program will continue until the allocated funds have been fully utilized.
Indicatively, this will be a 3 year period ending in June 2017

Description of Membership Development Grant (MDG)

The MDG will be a matching grant of $1,000 per Club per financial year.
The criteria for approving MDG will be as follows.
Purpose: The grant is provided to assist new Club activity that has the specific objective of recruiting new Club members. This activity is to be described in the application. Previously existing Club activities and events will not qualify for MDG consideration.
Club Contribution: The Club seeking a grant must commit to spend an equivalent amount on the nominated activity. The District will match this amount on a $ for $ basis to a maximum of $1000.
Club financial standing: At the time of applying, the Club must be held in good standing.
Joint Club Activity: Two or more Clubs may jointly apply for an MDG if they are planning a joint recruitment activity. However the grant must relate to the one activity being jointly conducted.
Measurable Outcome: The application must include the completion date of the activity and the number of new members expected to be recruited.

Method of Applying for MDG

The application for MDG will be made via email to the Assistant Governor (AG) responsible for the Club.   The AG will endorse the application and pass to the D9685 Membership Director for approval.
The Membership Director will request payment of the approved application via email to the District Treasurer, with copies to all members of D9685 COTA.
The Club will advise the AG of the outcome of the activity, and the AG will report to the District Governor and Membership Director via the DG’s monthly reporting system.
July 2015