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Don’t let the Coronavirus pandemic stop your club doing good in the community! Protect everyone by working safely

As a member of the Rotary eClub of Silicon Valley and founder of a new online Rotary Club, Rebecca understands...

what it takes to effectively engage members remotely. Bec will share different options for Rotary Clubs to try in regards to meetings, socials and projects, so we can continue to serve our communities during these uncertain times.

Rebecca has over a decade of experience in non-profit leadership and development, running leadership programs across Australia and New Zealand. She has served in a number of senior roles including Chair of Rotaract Australia and sits on the Rotary International Strategic Planning Committee. Rebecca strongly believes in empowering people to create positive change in the world, launching numerous initiatives in this pursuit including RYLA Oceania and chartering a new Rotary Club (the Rotary Social Impact Network). Professionally, Rebecca works in Corporate Strategy in local government, where she brings her strategic expertise into driving positive outcomes for her local community.