ShelterBox is Rotary’s partner in disaster relief, a position we’ve held proudly for the last six years.  This partnership has enabled Rotary, through ShelterBox, to be first responders assisting those deprived of their homes by natural and man-made disasters.  In 2018, we were honoured to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of our humanitarian work; all Rotarians share in this honour with us.
Many of your Clubs will have already supported us during this financial year; to you, our heartfelt thanks for your continuing support.
To those who have not yet your final decisions on donations this year, I ask you to consider ShelterBox as one of your beneficiaries.  Your support can make a world of difference.
In 2018, with your assistance, we were able to deliver disaster relief and other humanitarian aid to 17 countries:  Antigua and Barbuda, Bangladesh, British Virgin Islands, Chad, Cameroon, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Kenya, Niger, Philippines, Syria, Somalia and Vanuatu. We have been able to provide relief following cyclones (4), earthquakes (2), floods (2), drought, volcanic activity and conflict (8).  We often work with partner agencies to ensure our aid reaches those most in need.  Your support enabled us to assist 30,000 families with emergency shelter, and another 12,000 families with essential household items … a total of over 210,000 people.
I have attached a copy of our international work in March this year as an example of how your funds can benefit those most in need.
Please convey our heartfelt thanks to all your Rotarians and friends.  We look forward to continuing this wonderful partnership.
Rowley Tompsett
ShelterBox Australia