Dear Rotarian friends in Sydney,

I am a member of the Rotary Club Lehrte-Burgdorfer Land ( in District 1800 in Germany. I have a special request, perhaps you can help me at short notice in a personal matter.
Of course, I know that especially in the Christmas-season you are all very busy. Nevertheless, I would like to address a request to you:
My son Robert (24 years old) is currently studying "Social Work" in Germany and is visiting a friendly family in Sydney from 17 January to 25 March 2020. An unpaid, six-week internship in "Social Work" (working on and with young people, teenagers, people with disabilities/ special needs, etc.) is part of his studies. Unfortunately, the planned facility in Sydney was cancelled at short notice.
Since the flights are booked, a visa (work-and-travel) is available and he has a fixed accommodation in Unit 311/Pacific Highway CrowsNest, he is now desperately looking for an alternative.
Robert and I would be very grateful if we could find a job through our Rotarian friends for the timespan mentioned above.

If needed, I would be most happy to give you further information.

Yours sincerely,
Michael Loske