National Flood Appeal to support people impacted by the significant flood events on the East Coast of Australia.
Following the recent floods RAWCS has registered a project as a Rotary Australia Relief Fund (RARF) project to raise funds to support those affected. 
The link to the RAWCS project is:
I would like to ensure there is awareness that this project has been established and would appreciate if you would promote widely please.
RAWCS has established the RARF as a public ancillary fund [PAF] to:
  • Act as an over-arching fund for many of Rotary’s charitable activities in Australia.
  • Act immediately as a recipient of funds donated for disaster relief.
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Floods and Landslides in Timor-Leste – 6 April 2021
Timor-Leste has been hit by devastating flooding and landslides, claiming the lives of at least 27 people, destroying roads, bridges, over 1,000 houses and leaving the capital Dili under water. Dili’s population of 220,000 was ordered into lockdown last month along with the cities of Baucau and Viqueque, following a concerning surge in community transmission.
The country had previously withstood the pandemic well but had their first Covid death today. In previous weeks there has been a spike in cases and along with the floods it now creates another major challenge - a health and humanitarian crisis. Last month Timor-Leste had just over 100 cases of Covid-19 and now there are over 700 cases, adding further complications to the crisis.
Rotary Australia World Community Service Limited (RAWCS) in response to the flooding in Timor, has sought advice on the most appropriate means of responding to this disaster.
Timor Leste is in COVID lockdown and so the provision of any physical help at this time is not practical.  As services are stretched it is important for all aid to be delivered in the most efficient and effective manner – to this end RAWCS is recommending that Clubs and Districts utilise the Rotary Australia Relief Fund Appeal which not only provides tax deductibility but more importantly is able to consolidate donations and direct them through Rotary Clubs on the ground in Timor. Immediate needs for food, clothing and shelter can largely be met through local sources if funding is made available.  Clubs and Districts are urged to put their donations through this national appeal as this coordination will simplify how Clubs in Timor can distribute the funds to where they are needed most.
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