Thank you Chairman

Distinguished guests, my fellow Rotarians, friends of Rotary.

I congratulate you all on being a part of the World Wide Fellowship of Rotary International.

Service Clubs seem to have become less popular during the more affluent years.

But Rotary is just as necessary today as it was when it was first introduced in 1905.

Wars, civil unrest, natural disasters, water shortages and worldwide health issues continue to be a challenge for Service Clubs and in particular Rotary.

You are part of over 1.2million Rotarians in 33,255 clubs, in 534 Districts, in 210 Countries. When I say you are members of the world wide fellowship of Rotary International, I mean it literally.

Rotarians from across the world have combined to eradicate Polio and it has now been isolated to four pockets of the world. A super human effort since Rotary took control in 1985 when Polio was once again out of control in most parts of the world.

Rotary and Rotarians love a challenge.

To quote our founder Paul Harris at the 1940 RI Convention in Havana Cuba:

"Rotary stands; though the tempest rage about - Rotary still stands. Why and how? Because it is grounded not on fear, rivalry, and suspicion, but on the eternal and indestructible rocks of friendliness, tolerance, and usefulness".

I am proud to be a part of Rotary International and to be an Australian and I ask you all to stand and join me in drinking a toast to Rotary International and Australia.

"To Rotary International and Australia."
David Cooke, Past District 9790 Governor 2009-2010