President Elect, ......... you have been chosen by your fellow Rotarians to be President of the Rotary Club of  ......... for the ensuing year.

The appointment is not made lightly as it is the highest honour within the powers of the Club to bestow upon you, but it is made in recognition of your service to Rotary in general and to this Club in particular.

With the Presidency you are assuming new duties, new obligations and new responsibilities, which will make severe demands upon your thoughts time and energy. We are confident you will carry out your tasks with the same zeal you have always shown in Rotary and you are assured of the utmost cooperation from every one of your members.

Rotary's Object, with its five avenues of service, will, I know, be your constant guide, and you will always be sustained by the fellowship and esteem of us all.

With this Collar, which bears the names of all the Presidents of this Club, including your own, I induct you as President of the Rotary Club of ....... for the year ..../....

The pendant to the Collar is a Rotary Wheel with the word "President" inscribed. This is the badge of your office.

I also present you with your President's lapel pin and Badge.

On behalf of the members of your Club and all who are here tonight, I congratulate you and wish you a happy and rewarding year in office.

Guests and Fellow Rotarians, I present to you, your new President ........