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Voluntary organisations, like Rotary, are strongly values-based, and may experience intense conflicts about directions and policies.  Disputes are time-consuming, and get in the way of the good work. They impact on public image and reputation and can adversely affect membership, morale, relationships and fundraising potential. Conflicts, left to themselves, nearly always grow!
The role of the conflict management committee is to assist Rotarians and clubs to:
  • Understand the sources of potential conflict in your club
  • Identify different methods used to resolve conflict
  • Develop and implement an action plan to reduce & manage conflict in your club
  • Identify opportunities to increase skills in conflict resolution, complaint and dispute handling.
When clubs manage their conflict well:
  • The club retains members who may otherwise leave
  • It has a happier atmosphere with mutual respect for all Rotarians
  • It is more attractive to potential members
  • It’s focus is on fellowship, fun and service.
Please contact the District Conflict Management Officers for assistance by email on or visit the District website for further information.