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It is necessary that we, as Rotarians, demonstrate clearly to the community at large, and government bodies when required, that we are professional in our approach to our charitable work and act responsibly whether it be conducting our youth programs, managing all kinds of projects,here or overseas, both large or small, and conscientiously attend to the risks that arise therefrom.  This entails that we become even more risk aware than we are at present and show that being conscious of the fact that many risks are dynamic by nature, we act to mitigate risk through formal processes and record keeping.

Statutory obligations and the common law duty of care apply to all Rotarians Clubs, District and other Rotary organisations in the conduct of any activity undertaken.

An added benefit to this program is we ensure a more receptive response to our ongoing insurance arrangements inter alia.

We recommend to all clubs and require that they maintain good records, follow the procedures laid out and commit themselves to a consistent approach which can be handed on from year to year.

Any incidents or accidents occurring should be faithfully recorded.  For our part as District, we will endeavour to assist clubs to fulfil their obligations and enhance their current capabilities through support and training.

The Risk Management Policy document, and a template for a Club's Risk Management Plan may be downloaded from the links on this page.

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