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Associate Professor Lukas Kairaitis - academic nephrologist, Director of Nephrology Services and Physician Education, Blacktown & Mount Druitt Hospital
David Stratton AM - film critic who has also worked as a journalist, interviewer, film historian, educator, television personality, and producer
Professor Mary-Louise McLaws - Professor of Epidemiology, Healthcare Infection and Infectious Disease Control
Honorary Associate Professor Tony Irwin  - Chartered professional engineer with extensive experience in nuclear power and research reactor commissioning and operations


Professor Vanessa Hayes - Petre Chair of Prostate Cancer Research and Head of Ancestry & Health Genomics Laboratory at the University of Sydney

Professor Dominic Dwyer - Director of NSW Health Pathology’s, Public Health Pathology, Director of NSW Health Pathology’s Institute of Clinical Pathology and Medical Research at Westmead Hospital


Dr Minal Menezes - Senior Research Officer, Department of Anesthesia, and Senior Clinical Lecturer, University of Sydney
Dr Sonu Bhaskar- Neurologist, Clinician Scientist, Healthcare Executive and Social Entrepreneur
Troy Everett - TAFE NSW Illawarra Institute Head Teacher of Bricklaying


David Glanville- Luthier (Violin Maker), Company Director Sydney String Centre
Professor Geoffrey Hull - Academic Linguist, contributing to the standardisation of the Tetum language in Timor-Leste
Associate Professor Munjed Al Muderis - Orthopaedic Surgeon, Hip, Knee, Trauma and Osseointegration, and a Squadron Leader in the Australian Air Force Reserve


Dr Ian Nicholson - Cardiothoracic Surgeon, SAN Hospital
Dr Douglas Cato - Marine Scientist, Commonwealth of Australia Defence Science and Technology Organisation
Professor Robyn Jamieson - Eye Genetics Research Unit Head, Children's Medical Research Institute, Professor of Genomic Medicine, University of Sydney