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Dr. Earl Owen, AO, MB BS (Syd), MD, Hons FRCS, FRACS, FRCSE - for pioneering the development of microsurgery in Australia.

Rtn (Now P.P.) Nick F. Derera, AM, Dip Agr. Sc, Dip PB, MNYAS, FAIAS, Farrer Memorial Medal - for pioneering and development of the cotton and wheat industries in Australia.

Mr. George Taylor, BEM - for research and development of the commercial use of plant tissue culture in Australia.


Dame Leonie Kramer, AC, DBE, BA (Melb.), DDPhil (Oxford), Hon LLB (Melb.), MACE, Hon D Litt (Tas.), FAHA - for the pursuit of excellence in literary education and service to the community through tertiary education.

Mr. Gary O'Callaghan, MBE - for the pursuit of excellence and service to the community through radio broadcasting media.

Dr. John Yeo, AO, MB, BS, DPRM, FRACS, FACRM - for pioneering research and development of methods used in the treatment and prevention of spinal injuries.


Mrs. Elizabeth Campbell, AM, BSc, T.N.D.C - Founder, Peer Support Foundation.

Mr. Desiderius Orban, OBE - for contribution to Australian art and service to the community as a teacher and writer. - Aged 100.

Dr. Marcus Killingback, AM, MB, BS, MS(Hon), FRCS (Edin), FRCS, FRACS (Aust), Hon Fellow American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgery - for pioneering research and development of colo/rectal surgery.


Dr. Helen Newton-Turner, OBE, B Arch, DSc - for vision and skill in the field of genetics leading to a marked improvement in the sheep industry and world wide acceptance of her continuing research to help clothe and feed the people of the world.

Mr. George Proudman, Master Stonemason - for convincing Australians of the value of significant stone buildings, saving and restoring many and developing a core of skilled workers for this end.

Mr. Maurice Saxby, AM, M.Ed, ALAA - for promoting and raising the consciousness of children's literature in Australia and overseas and the production of quality literary works.


Mr. Arthur Bishop, AM, ASTC (Hons), Hon FIE Aust - for his contribution to the automotive industry throughout the world by unparalleled knowledge and application of automobile steering technology - testimony to the true Australian inventiveness and enterprise.

Dr. Victor Chang, AC, MBBS. BSc (Med) FRCS, FRACS, FACS, Hon Prof. Surgery CAMS - for distinguished service to medicine by the establishment of a national heart transplant program and significant contribution to the development of improved cardiac surgery techniques in S.E. Asia and China.

Mr. John Leddy - for untiring commitment to enhancing the lives of people with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities by pioneering in Australia specialised programs for their personal, social and vocational development.


Mr. Ben Swane - for service to the horticultural industry through education, product development, export and government and industry committees.

Mrs. Rosemary Marriott, AM, ALCM - for extending the horizons of people with physical and mental disabilities through music and dance.

Mr. Alan W. Coates, AO, FAII, FAIM - for service to the Australian community through career achievements and contribution to government , industry, community and educational committees.


Mr. Alan M. Every, ARMIT, MIE (Aust) - for career achievement in the fields of automation and control systems in industry and an outstanding contribution to rehabilitation engineering assisting the disabled.

Sir Eric J. Neal, AC, C.V.O. Eng.. FI Gas E, FIE (Aust), FAIM - for outstanding career achievements in business management and services to industry, government and education.

Captain Alan I Terrell, Liveryman of the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators, FAIAN, Member Royal Aeronautical Society - for outstanding service to the Australian aviation industry in active flying and senior management and general service to the community.


Mr. Don Burrows, AO, MBE, - for his outstanding contribution on the national and international scene as a jazz musician and his unstinting commitment as a performer and teacher in his profession.

Mr. John D. Newcombe, AO, OBE, - for outstanding performances in his career as a tennis professional, commentator and columnist, his sportsmanship, example to others and his contribution to junior tennis in Australia.

Mr. F. Lionel Watts, CMB, MBE - for his outstanding career achievements in developing and providing rehabilitation programs both on a national and international basis.


Dr. William J. Garrett, AM, MD (Syd) D.Phil (Oxon), FRCS (Edin), FRACS, FRCOG, FRACOG, Hon FRACR - for his outstanding career achievements in the research, development and teaching of ultrasound techniques which have revolutionised medical diagnosis.

Emeritus Professor Alfred H. Pollard, AO, M Sc (Syd), M.Sc.Econ., PhD (Lond), D Sc (Macq),FIA, FIAA, FASSA - for his outstanding contribution to the community and industry through a career which has encompassed radio physics, acoustic research, the insurance industry, serving as government adviser and a pre-eminent role in education.

Mr. Thomas M. Keneally, AO - for his consistent outstanding literary achievements and service to his profession and the community through his involvement with art, literary and government bodies.


Dr. A.W. G. Gale, MB.BS. (Hon) (Syd), FRACP,FRACS, FRCSC, FACC, FACS - for distinguished service to medicine in his highly respected career in cardio-thoratic surgery, as a member of the cardiac team of the Sydney Adventist Hospital and his volunteer work in Nepal and the Pacific.

Mr. Max Dupain, AC, OBE - for distinguished service and contribution to Australian photography.

Mrs. Anne Sergeant, OAM - for distinguished service and outstanding performances in her career as a Netball representative for Australia, as a National Captain, example to others and contributions to coaching, promotional and media work for the sport of Netball.


Professor W.P.R. Gibson, AM, MBBS (Lond), FRCS (Eng), MD (Lond), FRACS - for his pioneering work in the field of child deafness and in particular as Director of the Children's Cochlear Implant Centre.

Mr. Gerry Hatton - for his leadership and innovative thinking in the materials handling and storage industry.

Mr. Ken Done, AM - for his contribution to Australian art and in particular for his work as Australia's goodwill ambassador to UNESCO.


Mr. James Morrison - for outstanding contribution as a jazz musician to the national and international field of music and for the sharing of knowledge and experience with the youth of Australia.

Mr. Brian J. McGuigan, AM - for outstanding contribution to the field of viticulture and for leadership in the management, marketing and development of the Australian wine export industry.


Professor A. G. Ross Sheil, AO, MB BS, BSc(Oxon), MA (Oxon), MS, FRCS, FRACS, FACS, Hon.FRCSE - for his unparalleled clinical and research efforts to organ transplantation and unstinting dedication to patients.

Ms. Lauris Margaret Elms, AM, OBE, Hon.D. Mus. - for her internationally acclaimed career as operatic and concert singer and Australian music worlds' most passionate, courageous, determined and eloquent advocate.

Mr Roger Climpson - for his illustrious services to Television and the Radio Industry as Television Personality, News Reader, Actor and Author


Professor Antony Basten, AO, FAA, FTS, MBBS, D.Phil.(Oxon), FRCP, FRACP, FRCPA. For his achievements in the field of immunology research, both nationally and internationally and his contribution to the maintenance of high standard of clinical practice, teaching and research in this field in Australia.

Ruth W. Cracknell, AM, Hon. D.Litt(Syd), D. Univ.(QUT), for excellence in a life time career as an outstanding actress in radio, theatre, film, television and her dedication in nurturing young aspiring actors.

R.J. Donald Stein, for excellence in his contribution to civil construction industry in his vocation of earth moving and compacting locally, nationally and internationally, with achievements that encompass managements, education research and development.


Father Chris Riley. For his achievements and inspiration working with the homeless and alienated youth in our midst and his contribution to the establishment of integrated and, in some cases, unique services for our youth.

Dr. Leonard Hart, B.Vet.Sc..FACVS. In recognition of his contribution to the Australian Poultry Industry in disease identification and control and his enduring interest in Primary Production.

Rear Admiral Peter Sinclair. A.C..A.O.. In consideration of almost 50 years of dedicated service to the nation and the community - both in and out of uniform.


Mr. David Campese. For outstanding achievement in his career as a rugby player, his sportsmanship and inspiration to others and his contribution to rugby worldwide.

Mr. John Seale. ACS.. For outstanding career achievements in the film industry, his contribution to the art of cinematography and his dedication to the development and training of young people in his chosen vocation.

Professor Ronald Kim Oates. A.O.,M.D.,M.H.P.,F.R.A.C.M.A.,F.R.C.P.,F.R.A.C.P.,S.A.F.P.H.M,.
D.C.H., For distinguished service to medicine in his highly respected career in Paediatrics and Child Health and his devotion to the betterment and protection of children locally and internationally.


Professor Michael Cousins. AM, MB, MD(Syd), FANZA, FRCA. For his work in the development of Pain Management as a Specialty practice and his influence on the teaching of Pain Management techniques as a part of routine undergraduate and postgraduate programs in all specialties in Medicine, Surgery, and related disciplines.

Donald Hazelwood. AO, OBE. For outstanding services to music both as Concertmaster and Musician and for his ongoing involvement with young Musicians and leadership in the development of social policies for the betterment of his fellow Musicians.

Herbert (Smoky) Dawson. AM, MBE. For his lifelong contribution to Country Music and the Entertainment Industry and his outstanding work both as a role model and through his charitable involvement with young people.


Norman Hetherington, AM. - For outstanding contribution and dedication to the art of puppetry and in recognition of his work throughout his career as both and educator and entertainer and for the enjoyment that he, through his chosen vocation, has given over the many years.

Associate Professor David Bennett AO, MBBS, MRACP, FRACP. - For distinguished service to medicine and his pioneering work in the field of adolescent health and medical care and advocacy of the needs of Young Australians.


James Dibble AM - For outstanding services to public broadcasting in Australia in his career, and for his ongoing work with the young people of Australia.

Paul McCloskey - For outstanding career achievement in the development and application of laser light in entertainment and communication nationally and internationally.

Ken Duncan - For outstanding career achievement in panoramic landscape photography, presenting Australia to its people and the world.


Bob McCarron - for his service to the cinema, television and advertising through his creativity and skills as a make-up artist for special effects.

Rod McQueen - for his service as the Australian Rugby Union team's coach from 1997-2001 when the team won 34 of the 43 Tests contested, the 1999 Rugby World Cup and the 2001 Tri-Nations Series and his innovation in promoting law changes to improve the game as a spectacle.

Randall Pieterse - For his contribution to the health and well-being of Australians, focussing on the personal counselling of people of all ages who are at risk of suicide, as well as the education of practitioners, support groups and the community at large.

David Summerlad - For his contribution to regional journalism and publishing through his empathy for the progress and welfare of communities.


Richard Gill, OAM -For his outstanding contribution to Australian music and in particular, music education which has engaged and inspired audiences of all ages.

Martin Silink, AM - For his dedication and leadership in the quest to enhance the standards and processes of clinical care for children and adolescents with diabetes around the world.

Roger Redell - For his dedication and leadership in the drive to defeat cancer through the understanding of its basic mechanisms and root causes.

Ian Badham - For his inspirational leadership in the establishment, operation and promotion of air-medical services in Australia.


Louise Sauvage OAM - For her contribution to paralympic sports in Australia and the world. And her devotion to the cause of physically challenged persons.

Nancy Bird Walton AO, OBE, - For her contribution to the Australian aviation industry and especially women aviatrix.


Dr Gabrielle Caspar - For her dedication and commitment to gynaecology, especially pelvic surgery and general women's health issues in diverse communities

Paul Cave - For his dedication and leadership in training young persons to be entrepreneurs in business.

Joy McKean (Kirkpatrick), AOM - For her dedication to the Australian Music Industry, especially the Country Music song writing industry.


Professor Vernon Ireland - for his service to project management and business development both in Australia and abroad.

David Hall OAM - for his contribution to Wheelchair Tennis at an international level and for being an inspiration to both abled and disabled athletes.


John McConaghy - for his service to sailing and major innovations in the boat building industry at an international level.

Dr Peter Grant - for extending the boundaries of life saving surgery to high risk patients in the field of Cardiothoracic Surgery.

Dr Andrew Berry - for his contribution to the technology and procedures involved in emergency transport of newborn and paediatric patients both on the road and in the air.


Professor Di Yerbury AM, AO - for her pioneering work in higher education management and the encouragement and patronage of the arts.

Nicholas Cowdery AM, QC - for outstanding achievement in maintaining best-practice performance standards in the legal profession in Australia and internationally recognised human rights advocacy.

Dave Ella - for establishing and maintaining relationships at the highest levels with stakeholders in Aboriginal education across Australia.

Professor Philip Mitchell - for changing public and professional attitudes towards mental health in Australia and overseas and expanding research into bipolar disorder and depression. 


Professor Levon Khachigian, BSc, PhD, DSc UNSW - for his dedication and persistence in leading-edge molecular biology research to develop "molecular assassin" anti-gene technology to convert into therapeutic tools for the treatment of major disease.

Colin May, BEd - for his career-long commitment to educating the "whole" student through his development of both physical and academic teaching programmes. 

Heros Dilanchian - for his innovative involvement in the development of machinery and technology for the Australian mailing industry and for demonstrating high ethical standards in the pursuit of his vocation. 

Lawrie McKinna - for outstanding success in sports management and coaching whilst reinforcing at all times the analogous relationship between sport and living successfully in the wider community. 


Deborah Mills - for outstanding leadership of Northwest Disability Services in taking it from humble beginnings to a thriving collection of outstanding programs and services for people with disabilities and their carers throughout the Greater West of Sydney.

Heather Ridout - for her outstanding success in representing businesses across a wide range of industries and becoming a central figure in the public policy debate on work place relations, and a member of a number of consultative groups that advise government.

Rodney Kavanagh - for significantly influencing policy development within Federal and State agencies and the land management practices on public and private land, leading to vast conservation benefits for NSW and for becoming an international authority in forest wildlife research.


Layne Beachley - for her outstanding success in world surfing and for inspiring and motivating women across Australia through moral and financial support.

Professor Frank Martin - for outstanding professional care as a paediatric opthalmologist and for being at the forefront of recognising and developing paediatric sub-specialities through mentoring graduates in his field of medicine.

Dr Peter Scougall - for pioneering various operations on hand and wrist surgery and for an outstanding contribution in the field of hand surgery and rehabilitation especially in Hue, Vietnam where he organises an annual teaching visit.


Dr Felix Chan - for outstanding professional care as a Gynaecological Oncologist and devotion to the goals of raising funds and public awareness, of seeing better health outcomes for women in general, and those living in disadvantaged areas in particular.

Professor Marea Nicholson - for her outstanding work in the area of child protection and for being instrumental in developing quality standards for teachers across schools, TAFE and universities.

Professor Susan Clark - for outstanding contributions to cancer research and the critical role she has played in putting the new field of epigenetics on the scientific and medical map.


Detective Superintendent Deborah Wallace - Head of the Middle Eastern Organized Crime Squad, NSW Police Force - for her outstanding work with ‘Youth Off the Streets’ and more recently, The NSW Police State Crime Command.
Professor John Boyages M B B S Hons, PhD University of Sydney - for outstanding services in the field of Breast Oncology. He is the founding Director of the Macquarie University Cancer Institute, founder and Executive Director of the Westmead Breast Cancer Institute and holds a conjoint academic professorship with the Breast Cancer Institute within the faculty of Medicine at Sydney University.
Professor Helge Rasmussen Candidatus(a)  Medicine et Chirurgiae Aarhus, F R A C P, D M Sc - Physician/Scientist - for outstanding dedication by committing his professional life to understanding the regulation of the  Cardiac Sodium Pump and to the development of primary coronary intervention which has lead to significant change of practice for patients following heart attack.