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ImageNOTE: Never enter into a discussion of a medical nature regarding Rotary Bowelscan.
For any medical advice, always refer the individual to their doctor.

Cost to the District, articipating Clubs and Pharmacies

  • There is NO cost to the Rotary District, Rotary Clubs and pharmacies. All costs are covered by the sale of the Bowelscan test kit.
  • Bowelscan saves lives. One life saved is more important than any amount of money that a club may raise.
  • Bowelscan brings Rotary and the pharmacy to the foreground in the public arena.
  • There is very little work to be done by participating clubs - all that is required is for clubs to appoint a coordinator to service their pharmacies for 6 weeks - it may take 1-2 hours per week to collect completed returned kits for pathology and then at the end of the program collect unsold kits, money and pathology bins from pharmacies.

NOTE: Rotary clubs and participating pharmacies work together for the duration of this Community Service Program. No profit is made by Rotary, Medical Coordinators or pharmacies from the sale of the test kits.

How does Bowelscan Work?

Bowelscan is not a form of alternative medicine, and does not replace any procedures recommended by a doctor. It is a simply a chemical test for occult blood in the stool. An appointed accredited pathologist tests specimens and all results are sent to our Medical Coordinator. All participants returning a kit for testing are advised of their results.

Note: A positive test does not conclusively indicate a polyp or cancer, as there are many other reasons why a test can be positive. All positive tests should be investigated.

Investigation and Follow-up

All medical investigations and follow up are managed by the person's own family doctor.

Annual owelscan

Many bowel cancers occur in people without a high risk factor.
It is strongly recommended that all people aged 40 and over have an annual Bowelscan test.

Occult Blood Test it

Members of the public buying the kit will be able to complete it in the privacy of their own home. Full instructions (including a list of participating pharmacies) are enclosed with each kit. The pathology card attached to the kit must be completed and signed by the participant. If the pathology card is detached from the kit the test is declared invalid. Each completed kit must be returned (sealed) in its accompanying silver lined envelope to a participating pharmacy for pathology collection without delay.

Return of the Test Kit to participating harmacies

All participating pharmacies will receive a collection bin for the return of the test kits together with bin liners. Bowelscan coordinators are required to empty the bin preferably twice weekly and reline it with a fresh liner. All collected kits must be delivered to an allocated pathology collection centre without delay.

NOTE: Only liners supplied with the bin can be used for the delivery to pathology.
Close the bag with a knot or string.
Do not leave test kits in the heat - must be kept at room temperature.

Return of Kits by the Public for athology (must be adhered to)

All participants MUST return their completed kits to a participating pharmacy. The participant must personally place their kit in the pharmacy pathology bin. The Pharmacist/staff have been instructed not to take the kit and place it in the bin for the customer. In the past, used kits have been mistakenly mixed up with unsold kits.

Distribution of Pamphlets (recommended and proven to be effective)

Pamphlets for distribution are free to clubs and pharmacies.
They can be distributed via: Letterbox drops, newspapers, and handouts in shopping centres and in front of participating pharmacies. (Club orders must be made by early September).

Rotary Clubs who have never participated

(there are only a few) are urged to do so. Clubs where members live in other areas can help us with pamphlet distributions.

Please ring our Bowelscan Office for information on the program without any obligation. Phone: (02) 4384 1485.

Rotary Clubs who have participted the previous year

will be contacted early September with a request to confirm and up-date any changes: 

  • Confirm name, home address, work and home phone numbers and email address for your Bowelscan Coordinator.
  • Coordinators from previous years please give us a phone call and confirm your participation as coordinator for 2008.
  • Any new pharmacies in your area? Please forward us their name, address and phone number and we will do the rest on your behalf.
  • As in previous years, we will contact your clubs previous participating pharmacies on your behalf and seek confirmation re their participation. We will write and inform all pharmacies dates for Program 2008.

Bowelscan Coordinators

Bowelscan Coordinators will be kept up to date on all aspects of the program - same as in previous years. For those who want more information, we are only a phone call away.
DO NOT change any routine of the program and please ADHERE to all dates.
Always leave the collection bin at the pharmacies for a few days after the official closing date for late returns.

Major Obstacle in our Program: "Communication"

Over the years our major problem has been COMMUNICATION - getting information from clubs. We therefore ask participating clubs to confirm pamphlet orders, new pharmacy details and Bowelscan coordinators ASAP.


Bowelscan Kit: (Hemoccult II) and Cost of the Kit

Our three Rotary Districts use the Hemoccult II Test kit - the most popular, reliable Guaiac test kit available at a cost that most people can afford. Rotary Bowelscan kits cost $ 8.00 - this includes pathology testing and notification of all positive and negative results by our Medical Coordinator.

Instruction Hemoccult II Test Kit (diet)

All instructions together with list of the participating pharmacies where the kits can be returned are included with the test kit.

There is a slight diet to follow before doing the test (See Bowelscan envelope).

Do not keep the test kit in the bathroom where there is steam or in the refrigerator.

Kits should be kept at room temperature.

Samples must be taken over three or more days.

Pathology Card MUST BE completed and Signed (tabs numbered 1, 2, 3 are not filled in).
DO NOT detach the pathology card from the test kit, as this will render the test kit invalid.

Positive and Negative esults

Positive result:

Both the participant and their nominated doctor will be advised by letter via our Bowelscan medical coordinator. Note: All persons with a positive result must follow this up with their nominated Doctor.

Negative result:

In the case of a negative result, a letter is sent to the participant only, via our Bowelscan medical coordinator. The person is advised to show this letter to their GP so that the result can be recorded.

Government Bowel Screening Program

Many people are confused regarding the Government's bowel screening program. They think that the Government and Rotary program are one in the same and that they automatically qualify for a free kit.
a) Rotary does NOT distribute free Bowelscan kits
b) Rotary's Bowelscan program and the Government's program are NOT connected
c) A free Government kit will be sent only to two age groups, those who turn 55 and 65
d) Government Information line phone 1800 118 868 between 9am - 5pm and their web site:

Since May 2006 the Federal Government started with the long awaited Government Bowel Cancer Screening Program. Persons eligible will be sent a kit by routine mail after their 55th or 65th birthday.

Please note: Only persons turning age 55 or age 65 years between May 2006 and 30th June 2008 will receive a free test kit from the Government.
No other age group will receiver a free Government test kit.
After 30th June 2008 the Government will review the situation.

We urge members of the public who are not eligible to receive a free test kit from the Government either this year or any other year to participate in our Rotary Bowelscan program. Bowelscan has served our community so well. Annual testing is recommended for all men and women age 40 and over.
If a person has a blood relative with bowel cancer or polyps, or the person has a bowel problem, or is in doubt - they must consult their doctor.

Be kind to yourself - Look after your health 

For more information, contact: