Rotarians Serving Beyond District

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D9685 Rotarians serving on Committees beyond District

PDG Bob Aitken AM

  • Executive Director of Rotary Down Under Inc - responsible for corporate development & the magazine’s media/public relations region.
  • Chairman, Public Relations, RI Convention Host Organising Committee, Sydney 2014
  • Chairman, RI Regional Magazines Advisory Committee – representing 32 Rotary magazines in 24 languages
  • Advisor, RI Communications Committee

Evan Burrell

  • RI Rotaract & Interact Committee

Jade Catherall

  • Sydney Convention HOC Events Committee

PDG John Dodd

  • Insurance Committee – 2013-2016

PDG Larry Jacka

  • Promotions & Development Coordinator, RAWCS Eastern Region

PDG Danny Low

  • Extension of Rotary To Vietnam Committee 2013-2014 Rotary International

Lindsay May

  • IT Director Host Organising Committee RI Convention 2014

PDG Marilyn Mercer

  • Director ShelterBox in Australia
  • Federal Co-ordinating Committee, The Science Experience
  • Host Organising Committee RI Convention 2014 - Volunteers

PDG Greg Muldoon

  • Assistant Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator 2013-14 Zones 7B and part of 8
  • Events Chairman - Sydney 2014 Rotary International Convention Host Organising Committee

PDG George Papallo

  • RYPEN Committee 2012-15

PDG Barry Philps

  • Host Organising Committee RI Convention 2014 - Volunteers

Frank Portelli

  • Chairman, Rotary Youth Exchange Australia

PDG David Rands

  • Australian New Generations Advisory Committee 2013-2016

Angelo Raveane

  • Host Organising Committee RI Convention - Chairman, Billabong House of Friendship

PDG Monica Saville

  • Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator for Zones 7B and part of 8
  • Trustee, The Australian Rotary Foundation Trust
  • Services Director, Host Organising Committee 2014 RI Convention
  • D9680 Representative on 2013 Council on Legislation

DGE Ian Scott AM

  • International Spouse Training Leader 2013-2014
  • Member, Sydney 2014 HOC Events Sub-committee
  • Director of Probus South Pacific Limited 2013-2014

PDG Jennifer Scott

  • Board - Rotary Down Under
  • Trustee & treasurer - The Australian Rotary Foundation Trust
  • Board - Road Safety Education Limited
  • Trustee - Road Safety Education
  • Zone 8 Training coordinator & Governor Elect Trainer
  • Trainer - International Assembly trainer 2012-2014
  • Facilitator - Rotary coordinators & Rotary Public Image Coordinators

PDG Harold Sharp

  • Director Australia Rotary Health
  • Chairman Sponsorship, Rotary International Convention Sydney 2014
  • Committee Member Australian New Generation Advisory Committee
  • Council Member International House, University of Sydney

Les Walsh

  • Member IT Sub-Committee Host Organising Committee RI Convention 2014

Rob Wilkinson

  • Eastern Region Director on the (Australia/New Zealand) Board of ROMAC