The Rotary Awards for Vocational Excellence

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Concept and objectives


The Rotary Awards for Vocational Excellence were inaugurated in 1982 by the Rotary District 9685 Vocational Service Committee.  The first Awards were presented to three candidates at the 1983 District Conference in Bathurst by PDG Graham Turnidge.


The concept was accepted by the Clubs of District 9685 in subsequent years as an integral part of their Vocational Service program.


The aims of the Award are:

  • To recognise VOCATIONAL EXCELLENCE of the highest order and to honour outstanding contribution by individuals or small teams of individuals for significant advancement in their vocational field in Australia.
  • To inspire further enthusiasm and to give added reward to the exceptional achievers.
  • To set an example to others, particularly youth, of the need to strive for VOCATIONAL EXCELLENCE for the benefit of their discipline and Australia.
  • To recognise outstanding achievement in VOCATIONAL EXCELLENCE where public award or recognition may not yet have been received. 

Guidelines for nominations


Nominations will be accepted from:

  • Rotary Clubs within District 9685.

Nominees can be either:

  • Non- Rotarians or Rotarians.

Priority Order

  • Where a Rotarian and a non-Rotarian are ranked equal by a selection panel, priority will be given to the non-Rotarian.

Residency requirements

  • A nominee must be either an Australian citizen or a permanent resident of Australia.
  • Nominees should preferably reside and /or carry out their vocation within the boundaries of District 9685.


  • It needs to be shown that a nominee has a commitment and record of high achievement in their chosen vocation which has been to the advancement of that vocation and the nation.


  • Excellence in Community Service does not come under the conditions of this Award. The Vocational Excellence must be evident in the direct activity and /or contribution by the individual or individuals nominated and not merely occur within an organisation managed by the individual.

Right not to award

  • The Committee may, at its discretion, determine not to make an award in a year if it feels that the standard of the nominees would lower the prestige of previous Awards.

Formal Nomination

  • The requested formal nominations on the prescribed form are to be made available to the Awards Chairman by the closing date (see below).
  • Each nomination is to be accompanied by a statement of qualifications and achievements prepared by the nominating club.
  • It is critical that as many details as possible are made available in support of the nomination to enable the committee to fairly complete its deliberations. Do not send press cuttings or photocopies of publications.
  • The achievements of the nominee should be listed either in chronological order or order of significance.
  • Lists of publications, products eg. Paintings, musical pieces, sculptures etc. should be submitted.
  • The magnitude of the achievements should be noted in relation to their local, regional, national and international significance.
  • It is helpful to the Committee if the nominating club can include the names of no more than three persons in the same vocation who may be willing to act as referees. If required, the Committee may seek additional information from these persons.



It is imperative that persons nominated are NOT informed of their nomination until the Awards Committee has considered all nominations and has invited the successful candidates to accept the Award. It is intended that the identity of the Awardees will only be revealed during the Awards Presentation Ceremony at the District Conference.




A gold medallion bearing the symbolic hand reaching for the Star of Excellence, together with a Citation Certificate is presented to the awardees.


Nominating club arranges for their nominee to attend the District Conference


All costs in connection with the medallion and Citation certificate will be paid from District funds. Any cost of attendance at the District Conference of the successful nominee shall be met by the nominating Club.  Note: Depending on the number of successful nominees District may request assistance in funding the video production.


Please send nomination form by email, fax or postal mail to the Chairman - see below for contact details

Click here for the relevant closing and presentation dates