What is World Community Service

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World Community Service logoWorld Community Service is the Rotary program by which a club or district in one country provides humanitarian assistance to a club in another country.  Typically the aid goes to a developing community where the Rotary project will help raise the standard of living and the quality of life.  The ultimate object of World Community Service is to build goodwill and understanding among peoples of the world.

One important way to find a club in some other part of the world which needs help on a worthy project is to use the WCS Projects Exchange ProjectLINK, a list of dozens of worthy activities in developing areas.  The exchange list is maintained in the RI Secretariat in Evanston and is readily available upon request.  It outlines projects, provides estimated costs and gives names of the appropriate contacts.

Clubs which need assistance, or are seeking another club to help with a humanitarian project, such as building a clinic, school, hospital, community water well, library or other beneficial activity, may register their needs.  Clubs seeking a desirable World Community Service project may easily review the list of needs registered at ProjectLINK.  Thus, the exchange provides a practical way to link needs with resources.

Every Rotary club is urged to undertake a new World Community Service project each year. ProjectLINK is an excellent tool to find a real need, a project description and cooperating club in a developing area.  The job then is to "go to work" to complete the project, and at the same time build bridges of friendship and world understanding.