What The Rotary Foundation does for this District

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The Rotary Foundation:

  1. Recognises and supports our young local leaders.  All Clubs have the opportunity to search for and recommend suitable candidates for global grants scholarships or peace fellowships.  This gives recognition to these young leaders and also affords publicity for your Club.  If your candidate succeeds, your Club members become an active part of this Rotary program experience.
  2. Financially supports our projects. The Rotary Foundation encourages your participation in both local and international projects by offering to partly fund projects from the World Fund.  Community assistance program helps finance your local projects, transport grants for goods to other countries reduce your costs and District Global Grants can increase the value of your help to those in need.
  3. Gives the opportunity to help improve international goodwill.  The Foundation pays for Scholars to visit our District and gives you opportunities during which you can learn about other cultures and countries.  Participating in overseas projects, communicating with host clubs and being a volunteer enhances your understanding and appreciation of other cultures and their difficulties. Refer to VTT (Vocational Training Team) program  (Global Grants).
  4. Improves our families’ security.  The support of polio eradication and malaria prevention programs in our region, helps reduce the inherent risk of these diseases taking a hold in Australia.  The Rotary Foundation's programs help to bring differing nations together in harmony, developing friendships, ties and goodwill.  This increases understanding between us and lessens the potential risk of conflict.
  5. Builds personal knowledge and networks.  The Rotary Foundation requires many Rotarians to form various District and Regional committees to support our Foundation's programs.  These committees in turn, offer an opportunity to develop new networks, experience international goodwill and learn about new cultures first hand.