As I have previously advised over the past year, most Rotary International rules are created or changed by district representatives from around the world meeting once every three years and voting on enactments that have been submitted by clubs and districts. So we, the club Rotarians are responsible for the rules; not RI or "Evanston". It is therefore up to every Rotarian to participate and voice our views.


I will be voting on behalf on D9685 in April in Chicago at the Council on Legislation. Many of the proposed enactments are not relevant to our district or to our zone; others are very relevant, such as an enactment to make Rotary magazines an optional part of our membership. This is likely to result in the demise of many, if not all of our regional magazines. Another proposed enactment is to ensure we record our volunteer time, and another to stop mandatory reporting of attendance. (this does not stop the clubs recoding attendance). 

I will shortly be sending a list of enactments that I think are relevant to our district or to the world of Rotary as a whole. The link below will provide individual Rotarians with the option to personally support or object to proposed enactments. All of the proposed enactments are on the RI website. In this way all Rotarians can influence the final decision.


Statements of Support and Opposition
Statements of support and opposition are due by Thursday, 14 February 2019. Statements will be shared with all representatives prior to the Council. Clubs and district conferences should submit their statements of support, opposition, or general comments regarding legislation using the online form here:


PDG Jennifer Scott