The D-Caf program was included this year under District 9685 Community Service Dementia Awareness & Support chaired by Bobby Redman.

D-Caf was an initiative of the Rotary Club of St Ives and a pilot program, with the support of KNC, commenced latter part of 2018 at the PCYC in Waitara.

Following the success of the pilot program initially run by Tim England and Fiona Jenkins, and with continuing funding from the Rotary Club of St Ives, the Waitara D-Caf continued through 2019. Mid year Fiona Jenkins was appointed D-Caf Coordinator to continue with the Waitara D-Caf and to encourage other Rotary clubs to establish their own D-Caf. Several new D-Cafs have been established with more to follow; congratulations to the hosting Rotary clubs and to their community based partners.

The D-Caf program will continue in 2020 and beyond, and Ian Cameron (Rotary Club of Wahroonga) will take on the D-Caf Coordinator role. Please forward all future enquiries to Ian.

For convenience, a mobile phone number 0455 322 097 has been allocated for D-Caf, and for other enquiries in relation to Dementia Awareness & Support.