The Rock the Boat Conference 2021 is coming fast. 
Although not a lot has been written about it, a team of dedicated Rotarians have been working towards this Conference with a difference. DG David's hopes were to have a Conference on a cruise ship for three days. However, after plans were well underway, they were dashed.
New plans had to be constructed and a different direction needed to be taken. Uncertainty about the conditions under which the world will be existing in March 2021 still reigns currently.
What is Happening?   A Virtual Conference.
When?  Saturday, 13th to Sunday 14th March, 2021
How?   By pre-recorded, professionally prepared webinars or Zoom links for each session over the two days
How Can you participate?  Individually at home; in a group at someone's home; in a group at a venue
Cost? Clubs have been asked to contribute $5 per Club member to defray the cost of the professional production of the sessions. Otherwise, there is no cost to members.
Are there any more details?The closer we get to the Conference, the more details that will be added to the Conference description. In the meantime, you can see what is available now at:
What do you have to do? 
  1. REGISTER to get the links for the Conference.
  2. Help prepare a 3-5 minute video for your Club about what you have been doing. This is a competition which has two categories - 1. Large Club, and 2. Small Club. The Prize for each category is a PHF for the Club to award to whomever they choose. The best 10 will be shown throughout the Conference with the winner announced during the Conference, complete with a virtual presentation of the prizes. Closing date for the videos to be submitted is 31st January, 2021.