Paint4Freedom has been working to develop a national art competition to help better inform the general public about Modern-day Slavery.

There is an estimated 25-45 million men, women and children currently enslaved around the world including here in Australia with numbers increasing every year.

There are two Rotarians on the Paint4Freedom board of directors with the organisation working closely with Rotary Clubs around Australia to encourage and assist or partner with local Government Councils to host Local Community Paint4Freedom Art Competitions. So far for this financial year, there are five Art Competitions booked to take place within the 9685 District alone, with more expected in other districts.

Paint4Freedom is asking any Rotarians who see fighting Modern-day Slavery as a challenge they may be able to join, to contact Doug Malcolm to better understand the assistance the organisation needs.

Paint4Freedom desperately needs a treasurer but can also use numerous other forms of assistance to achieve its goals both nationally and internationally.

Please contact Doug Malcolm at E. or M. 0421 450 959