If you have missed the fact that Rotarians in the Oceania Region have been working towards Regionalisation for this area, here is some information about the setting up of the project in 2019.
Project Vision (in support of rotary international’s strategic plan and vision): to significantly increase the reach and impact of Rotary in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. 
Project purpose (our immediate focus – what we are trying to achieve): to build upon our past and transform Rotary in our region to provide relevant and engaging experiences that better serve our communities and enable us to grow.
Click HERE for the Rotary International Zone 8 Regionalisation Pilot 2019 – Vision and Purpose
OBJECTIVE 1: Communication
To develop a Regional Communication Strategy that:
  • utilises a variety of appropriate technologies,
  • achieves greater engagement, participation, and attraction, and
  • reflects the diversity of our communities.
OBJECTIVE 2: Culture
To develop strategies to assist Rotary and Rotaract to:
  • be relevant to the community,
  • embrace diversity,
  • adopt new membership options,
  • be flexible in how we operate, and
  • increase impact through our projects and partnerships.
OBJECTIVE 3: Governance
To develop a Regional strategic plan and structure which includes all Rotary entities and national programs, that:
  • streamlines governance, structures and processes,
  • makes volunteer jobs both meaningful and workable,
  • fosters diverse perspectives and transparency in decision making,
  • supports Districts & Clubs to innovate, adapt & manage change, and
  • develops key partnerships.
OBJECTIVE 4: Public Image
To develop public awareness programs that:
  • substantially enhance the image of Rotary and Rotaract across New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands, and
  • help attract greater financial and general support from the community, corporate and government sectors to enhance Rotary’s impact.
OBJECTIVE 5: Leadership & Development
To develop more effective leadership programs and pathways that:
  • better engage and empower members;
  • maximise service effectiveness and governance at all levels;
  • encourage greater diversity in our leadership. 
Where to from here?
  • Establish Working Groups
  • Establish Reference Groups – Australia, NZ, Pacific
  • Consultation with key stakeholders, including new RI Director
  • Set up email for feedback and comment –
  • Regular updates through RDU & relevant websites
  • Report back with proposal for Regional structure at ANZ Conference in Alice Springs, Sept 2020
  • Report to RI Board Oct 2020
  • Begin Pilot July 2021
  • How can you be involved?
  • We need your input! We do not yet have a structure – only a framework to develop a proposal
  • Send an email with comments
  • Be part of a Working Group or Reference Group
  • Conduct a discussion/workshop with a group of interested parties, or with your club - how should Rotary look? Are there topics for discussion not included? Key issues that should not be ignored?