Beirut Explosion Disaster August 2020 (RARF)

(From Rotary Down Under)
On 4th August, 2020, a catastrophic blast took out the commercial port of Beirut, causing 191 deaths, 6500 injuries, $USA 15 billion in property damage and leaving an estimated 300,000 people homeless. Please donate to The Rotary Beirut Explosion Disaster Fund HERE.  
Summary:  To provide funds for humanitarian programs to assist the people in Beirut recover from the disaster.
Challenge:  Numerous public facilities and hospitals where destroyed and assistance is needed to re-build.
Solution:     Funds will be allocated to projects that will assist re-building and equipping the public facilities destroyed.
Long term impact: The aim is to get Beirut back into operation so that their public services can perform the tasks required look after their community needs.
Sponsored by: RAWCS National
Project number:
19 of 2020-21
PDG Michael Perkins
(H) 03 6257 1774
(M) 0418 391 932
Deputy manager:
PDG Merv Williams
(M) 0439 534 791