Feel there are gaps in your Rotary knowledge?  Want to prepare for your Rotary Year?  Hungry for knowledge that goes beyond PETS and DA?  Want to share your experience of Rotary with others?


Then RLI is for you and there are plenty of spaces available on RLI 43;

RLI 43; Sundays; 10 September, 24 September, 8 October.

Register at rli.rotarydistrict9685.org.au

The cost for the full course is $75*.


The benefits of doing RLI are many; so boost your knowledge and skills, and share your experience by joining in.


The three part course is held  at our District Office, Thornleigh. Morning tea and lunch are provided.  Each day starts at 8:30 for 9:00am and finishes around 3:45pm.

Here is what recent graduates had to say about the Rotary Leadership Institute Course;


The course is by far the most educational, inspirational and motivational element of Rotary thus far. The people who deliver the course are not dogmatic, not zealous, but they do know their subject and can deliver it very effectively. Michael Sawczak., RC The Entrance, RLI 39


Excellent workshop, very beneficial to everybody;  Excellent! Time well spent; Eye-opening; Gives confidence in initiating a club project; The course is an essential activity for all members. Participant feedback from RLI 37.


* The fee covers direct participant costs.  Rotarians who have partially completed RLIs prior to today and wish to do individual parts should contact PDG Ian Scott for registration by response to this email; the cost for catch up sessions is $20.



Hat Day on 10th October , in the guise of Lift The Lid is fast approaching, so we need to get our skates on.
Apart from the usual club activities there are two additional events to consider.
  1. Railway Station collections.
    1. Our ARH Director, Graeme Davies has gained permission for Rotary Clubs to mount a donation campaign at railway stations on the Metropolitan  network however each station must have individual permission. Please consider doing a collection at your nearest station, let me know of your intention and Graeme (who is on holidays at the present)  will organise the necessary permission. Contact me at    lacol@myiusp.net.au
  2. Bunnings information tables.
    1. If your club regularly does a Bunnings BBQ it has been OK’d for you to run a Lift the Lid information table on or about 10th October. You must contact the Community Liaison person at the shop and organise everything with him/her. They will supply a table and chairs etc. Again, please let me know of your intentions  (lacol@myiusp.net.au) so I can schedule clubs to the various shops to prevent doubling up.  Don’t assume that another club will “get the job”,  go and see for yourself.
  3. Lift the Lid" promotion at a favourite coffee shop There is also a possibility for a club to conduct a "Lift the Lid" promotion at a favourite coffee shop. More details to follow on this one.
With the upwards spiral of suicides, especially in young men and in particular country men, it is imperative that we do all we can to fund more research into the problem so that a solution is found.
This cannot wait. Mental Health problem affect us all both directly and indirectly so please,  get behind all events aimed at helping  everyone with M H issues.
Dudley Mercer
ARH Chair D9685.

Our 2017 Foundation Dinner will be held on Monday 20th November at the Blacktown Workers Club. Our guest speaker is Jennifer Jones, who is a Past RI Director. Please put this date in your diary, and we look forward to your club booking a table.

Registrations are now open. Further details are on the brochure


We look forward to the usual wonderful support from D9685 clubs and Rotarians.


RAWCS Madagascar October Visit 2017
Gosford North Rotary Club are leaving for their seventh deployment to Madagascar.
This year the focus will be:
  • personally delivering 1200 Luminaid solar sights to remote communities,
  • building of a recreational area within a children's home
  • delivering medical community programs through newly established Rotary  clinic
  • general building & welding projects
Team members required for working team leaving for Madagascar in  late October. Interest sought from physically fit individuals with specific skills that are required within the team. Skills required are medical, dental, electrical, plumbing, building, welding, education or enthusiastic  general team support persons.
Limited numbers available
Please contact Madagascar Project Manager Peter Pearce  OAM
0431 778655          peterpearce48@hotmail.com
Once again the Rotary Club of Upper Northern Beaches is presenting the Northern Beaches Spring Concert, on Wednesday 20 September and featuring our own Northern Beaches Orchestra. This year we are delighted to have as our special guest the acclaimed Australian singer/songwriter Melinda Schneider. Come along to the Grand Theatre at United Cinemas Warriewood and enjoy this exciting live show, Melinda Schneider Sings with Strings, packed with popular hits. Buy your tickets from www.rotaryuppernorthernbeaches.org.
Top 5 Reasons to support EndTrachoma by 2020
Clubs around Australia support many worthwhile charities and projects. But EndTrachoma by 2020 is something particularly special for Rotary Australia.
Event Calendar
September 2017


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