Understanding that there will be many options and opinions about what counts as service and what does not, club leaders are encouraged to use the four-way test to determine what they think counts.

A few guidelines from RI President Ian Riseley:

Q    What kinds of hours should we track?

A     Keep track of any hours that are directly related to service.
        Time spent organizing, preparing for and participating in a service project should be tracked and counted.

Q    Does time spent in club committees count?

A     Most time spent in club committee meetings does not count as direct service. However, count time spent in club committee meetings for the purpose of planning service activities.

Q    Do Fundraisers count?

A     The hours spent planning and participating in fundraisers does not count. The funds raised will be counted when contributed to a specific service activity.

Q    Does attending a club meeting count?

A     Some clubs do a service project during one or more of their regular meetings. These hours count. However, a regular meeting with (or without) a meal, announcements and a speaker does not count as service.

Q    How should we count hours for projects done in collaboration with other organizations?

A     If a Rotary club does a service project that includes Rotaractors, Interactors, members of a Rotary Community Corps, scouts, or other community volunteers, you should count the hours of all of the volunteers because the club arranged the service opportunity.
        On the other hand, if a few Rotarians volunteer at a soup kitchen that was run by the Boy Scouts, you should only count the hours of the Rotary club members that participated.

Q    What if I have a question I don’t see answered here?

A     There are an infinite number of possible questions about how to count service hours. This endeavor is intended to be comprehensive, without being overly complicated. If your specific question is not addressed above, please use the four-way test to decide if you will include the hours in your tally.
Hat Day on 10th October , in the guise of Lift The Lid is fast approaching, so we need to get our skates on.
Apart from the usual club activities there are two additional events to consider.
  1. Railway Station collections.
    1. Our ARH Director, Graeme Davies has gained permission for Rotary Clubs to mount a donation campaign at railway stations on the Metropolitan  network however each station must have individual permission. Please consider doing a collection at your nearest station, let me know of your intention and Graeme (who is on holidays at the present)  will organise the necessary permission. Contact me at    lacol@myiusp.net.au
  2. Bunnings information tables.
    1. If your club regularly does a Bunnings BBQ it has been OK’d for you to run a Lift the Lid information table on or about 10th October. You must contact the Community Liaison person at the shop and organise everything with him/her. They will supply a table and chairs etc. Again, please let me know of your intentions  (lacol@myiusp.net.au) so I can schedule clubs to the various shops to prevent doubling up.  Don’t assume that another club will “get the job”,  go and see for yourself.
  3. Lift the Lid" promotion at a favourite coffee shop There is also a possibility for a club to conduct a "Lift the Lid" promotion at a favourite coffee shop. More details to follow on this one.
With the upwards spiral of suicides, especially in young men and in particular country men, it is imperative that we do all we can to fund more research into the problem so that a solution is found.
This cannot wait. Mental Health problem affect us all both directly and indirectly so please,  get behind all events aimed at helping  everyone with M H issues.
Dudley Mercer
ARH Chair D9685.

Our 2017 Foundation Dinner will be held on Monday 20th November at the Blacktown Workers Club. Our guest speaker is Jennifer Jones, who is a Past RI Director. Please put this date in your diary, and we look forward to your club booking a table.

Registrations are now open. Further details are on the brochure


We look forward to the usual wonderful support from D9685 clubs and Rotarians.


To celebrate World Polio Day – October 24
‘Enjoy a bowl of soup and donate $10 towards END POLIO NOW’ to celebrate World Polio Day on October 24’!
That’s the special request from RI Director Noel Trevaskis as Rotary International edges ever closer to its thirty year goal of eradicating polio from our world.
Director Noel emphasises that the dwindling number of polio cases around the world – just NINE so far this year – calls for a genuine celebration by Rotary Clubs and Rotarians to mark this red letter day.
‘When we launched the amazing PolioPlus campaign in 1985/86, there were 350,000 cases of Polio in 125 countries. This number has dropped significantly in recent years – 359 in 2014, 74 in 2015, 37 in 2016 – and the wild virus is now circulating in just three countries … Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan.’
Rotary clubs are urged to involve community organisations and members in their celebrations. To list just a few ideas -
  • Walkathons and Swimathons
  • School bicycle marathons
  • Music concerts, talent quests, Battle of the Bands sessions in schools
  • Main street/railways station FREE barbecues with high impact signage and bucket collection points.
  • ‘Paint a Pinkie’ for a gold coin in infant schools and primary schools.
  • Odd sock/crazy shirt days
However, the ‘Soup Saver Meal’ requires real commitment from Rotarians at their regular meetings and create good media opportunities if politicians and community leaders are involved.
Concept is simple … members agree to pay $15 for a bowl of soup and bread roll.  Five dollars should cover the cost and $10 goes into the Club END POLIO NOW fund.
For added value, clubs may negotiate with leading restaurants to provide the soup in return for community publicity and media coverage.
IF adopted by every Rotary Club in Australia and New Zealand, the concept could raise as much as $750,000!
Plans are in hand to encourage a similar ‘saver meal’ concept during the week of Rotary’s birthday - February 23 next.  However, on that occasion, it will be a coffee and birthday cake meal – involving local High School home science classes to bake giant birthday cakes.
Director Noel said that a strong commitment to fund raising was vital to ensure successful completion of the Polio Eradication Campaign.
‘Costs are heavy. For example, there are 363 permanent transit teams working 19 cross points on the Pakistan/Afghan border; some 38 million children under five have been targeted in recent National Immunisation Days in Pakistan – and that program involved 250,000 vaccinators!’ he concluded.
PDG Bob Aitken AM
Rotary Club of Lower Blue Mountains
Top 5 Reasons to support EndTrachoma by 2020
Clubs around Australia support many worthwhile charities and projects. But EndTrachoma by 2020 is something particularly special for Rotary Australia.
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September 2017


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