District Governor Bruce Lakin has joined District Rotary Foundation Chairman David Rands in calling for EVERY club in District 9685 to donate US $2,650 towards the END POLIO NOW campaign in support RI President John Germ’s personal request for special giving to mark the 100th anniversary of The Rotary Foundation in 2016/17.


This unique amount from each club will then be matched by a similar amount from the District 9685 District Designated Fund (DDF), followed by a 50% Rotary World Fund match for a sub total of $6,625.


The amazing generosity of the Gates Foundation then comes into play with a 2 for 1 further match for Polio giving.


Total impact of the original special club donation of $2,650 is and amazing $19,875!!!


Rotary Foundation Chair David has had enquiries from several clubs, but noted payment rom only a small number so far.  So during March we would like to see many more clubs make that special effort and stretch in order to take advantage of the absolutely wonderful opportunity to stretch your $2650 to $19875 of benefit.


Governor Bruce joined the push this week and stated ‘like all things in Rotary, this excellent opportunity will not achieve maximum impact unless we make it happen’.


‘The 100th anniversary of the Rotary Foundation is a very special occasion and there is no better way to celebrate than for everyone to make an extra effort to strive for Polio eradication.  I request club presidents to discuss this request within clubs during the next week and get donations to Chairman David and his team as soon as possible,” he said.


Governor Bruce reminded club presidents that this donation is a special ‘one off’ request and should be in addition to normal giving to The Rotary Foundation.


District Polio Chairs Bob Aitken and Bruce Nicholls have joined District leaders in this fund raising ‘push’ and reminded club presidents that RI President John Germ, in his 2016/17 citation, requests Rotarians around the world to support the club giving program with a personal gift of $26.50 to END POLIO NOW.


This amount of $26.50 is the original amount donated from the International Convention that year to launch The Rotary Foundation and has special significance in this 100th anniversary year.


Chairmen Bob and Bruce suggest that clubs organise a special event in March to raise the total amount required and ease the cost burden on individual members.  Community ‘Walk because you can’ events have proved very popular and successful with mass school children joining Rotarians in main street marches for gold coin donations.