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March 2 2017

My Friends in Rotary,
Another busy February for all Rotary clubs in D9685.
On 1 February, RC Manly held a dinner to celebrate 100 Years of serving the Manly community. This event recognised 80 years service by RC Manly plus over 20 years of service by RC Manly Sunrise. The dinner was attended by over 150 people including a strong representation from local government and state and federal politicians. The participation by past Mayors and past and present MPs reflects great credit on Rotary (the Manly Rotarians in particular) because these folk appreciate the good work that Clubs do in their communities. A great night! Well done President Richard and his Team.
RYPEN was convened early in the month and was a very successful program. About 100 young people, sponsored by many Clubs, enjoyed a weekend of personal development.   The closing ceremony, shared with parents and Rotarians, demonstrated the enthusiasm of the participants and the excellence of the organisation. The organising committee, chaired by PP Ward Pollard and staffed by Mosman Rotary, together with the Facilitators lead by John Fegan did a terrific job.
With RYPEN and RYLA , D9685 has 2 Youth programs of which we should all take great pride! This really is Doing Good in the World! Equipping young people with skills and experiences that will help them thrive in the life that lies ahead
And what about “Car for Belinda” RC North Sydney presented a Toyota Corolla to Belinda Campbell at a Club meeting on 16 February. Belinda is a disabled lady who needed modified controls to obtain  her driving licence. When the Club heard of her success in qualifying for her licence, they decided to purchase a vehicle for her. With the assistance of Phil McCarroll ( a great supporter of Rotary projects) and a number of generous donors, the car was obtained in near record time. Now Belinda is now well equipped to undertake her work as a staff member at NDIS. Another great project from RC North Sydney
Congratulations to Bruce Carfrae of RC Chatswood. Bruce has recently celebrated 50 years of Rotary service. Thank you Bruce for your years of Service above Self and best wishes for many more to come.
Also congrats to Evan Burrell of RC Turramurra. RIPE Ian Riseley has appointed Evan to a 3 year term on the RI Communications Committee. This international group advises the President and Board on effective ways to communicate what Rotary is and what we do. Social Media, Multiple media, Auto Media and InterGalactic Media……….Here comes Rotary!
The District Conference is happening on Saturday 11 March . Have you registered ???? Registrations close TOMORROW, Don't miss out!
Other Don't Miss Out dates that are coming up are:
Opera in the Arboretum  -  Saturday 25 March
Bobbin Head Cycle Classic - Sunday 26 March
RC Upper Northern Beaches Golf Classic - Friday 31 March
It is all go in Rotary,
Talk to you next month or at the Conference..
Bruce Lakin
Governor RI District 9685, 2016-17
District Conference
Panthers, Penrith
Mar 11, 2017
8:30 AM – 10:30 PM
DG 2019-2020 Nominating Committee
District Office
Mar 12, 2017
10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
COTA Meeting
District Office
Mar 17, 2017
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
RLI Course 39.3
District Office
Mar 18, 2017
8:30 AM – 4:00 PM
RLI Course 37.3
District Office
Mar 19, 2017
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Bobbin Head Classic
Mar 26, 2017
2017/18 President Elect Training Seminar (PETS)
Macquarie Graduate School of Management
Apr 01, 2017
8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
DG 2019-2020 Nominating Committee
District Office
Apr 02, 2017
9:00 AM – 4:30 PM
2016/17 District Team Go2 Meeting
Apr 03, 2017
7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
District Foundation Committee
District Office
Apr 06, 2017
Zone Presidents Meeting
Apr 07, 2017
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
2017/18 District Assembly
The King's School
Apr 23, 2017
8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Working with Children Workshop
District Office
Apr 29, 2017
8:30 AM – 12:30 PM
MUNA Planning Meeting
District Office
May 06, 2017
8:00 AM – 2:00 PM
District Foundation Committee
District Office
May 11, 2017
5:00 PM – 8:00 PM



At the District Conference on 11 March 2017, there are a wonderful array of speakers - a great mix of Rotary information and entertaining and informative speakers such as David Ireland and Peter Switzer.


The day will be topped off with a wonderful evening with a glamorous cocktail function and entertainment provided by Normie Rowe and the Playboys - LIVE on stage.


Different registration packages are available:

* Platinum Package

* Day Package

* Alternate Partners' Program

* Entertainment Package


Find out more on the Conference Website.


Please share this great opportunity with all your Club members and join us at the Conference. Register at TODAY!






Understanding our Working with Children obligations

Does your club participate in any of the following or similar Youth programs?
Programs organised and administered by District Committees and supported by Clubs
  • Rotary Youth Exchange [RYEP]
  • Rotary Youth Leadership Awards [RYLA]
  • Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment [RYPEN]
  • National Youth Science Forum [NYSF]
  • Siemens Science Experience, Engineering Schools [SSE]
  • Science & Engineering Challenge
  • Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA)
  • Recognition of Youth Awards (ROYA)
  • Pacific Australia Cultural Exchange (PACE)
Programs organised and administered by other organisations and supported by Clubs
  • Youth Driver Awareness [RYDA]
  • Operation Hope (Wesley Mission Camps for disadvantaged children)
  • Youth Insearch (community-based organisation coordinating program focusing on resolving adolescent issues at a peer level)
Programs initiated by Clubs to meet the needs of young people in their local communities
  • Scholarships, bursaries and awards for school students
  • Inter-school debating competitions
  • 'My Mother - My Hero' Mother's Day Essay/ Poem for Primary School students
  • Homeless youth programs
  • Community Centres for Youth
  • Youth Forums, ARH High School Forums on Mental Health (Years 10 & 11)
  • Youth Art Shows, Drama Festivals and Showcases of Musical Talents
  • Leadership training for High School Student Representative Council members
  • Support for students with disabilities - wheelchairs, computers, social outings
If so, the following WWC obligations apply:
  • Child Protection (Working with Children) Act 2012
  • Child protection (Working with Children) Regulation 2013
  • Children and Young People (care and Protection) Act 1998
  • Rotary Youth Protection Guide (2016)
These requirements are encapsulated in the draft “Child Protection Policy and Procedure Manual” available to clubs on the D9685 website. It is recommended that all clubs adopt this manual if they participate in any form of Youth Program.

To learn more

D9685 is taking a 3-phased approach to explaining how these obligations affect our District and Club Youth programs. It will be achieved as follows:
Phase 1           PETS 1 April 2017     
An overview of the relevant documents and their requirements to create an awareness for President’s – Elect so that they have a basis to manage the responses of their respective Clubs.
Phase 2           District Assembly 23 April 2017       
Club Board members and the Club Verification Officer should attend to hear a more detailed explanation about these important requirements and to receive guidance about their implementation.
Phase 3           FREE “Working with Children” workshop on 29 April 2017 in the District Office, Thornleigh, to expand on the DA.
A representative of the Office of the Children’s Guardian will be present and the primary objectives will be to:
  • Explain more about WWC and why it is an important matter; and
  • Participate in a Q&A session at which any misconceptions or misunderstandings that may exist will be addressed.
Suggested attendees would include:
  • 2017-2018 D9685 Directors responsible for Youth programs
  • Relevant 2017-2018 D9685 and Club Committee Chairs (e.g. RYE Program)
  • Club Verification Officers
  • Club Youth Service Directors
  • Club Presidents
  • Rotarians
  • Are you up for a challenge?
  • Do you feel the urge to fill some very large shoes??
  • Would you like the opportunity to promote and progress the ideals of Probus in our District?
If so, the I would love to hear from you!
And if you are wondering why, it is because, after many years of devoted and dedicated service, PP Adrian Hallett has decided to pass the baton to a new owner and give someone else the same opportunities that he has enjoyed.
In the words of Probus Chairman of the Board, Douglas Geekie,
“I express our thanks and appreciation for your efforts over your term of office in advancing and supporting our Probus Organisation.  Your devotion and commitment is recognised, and has been greatly appreciated.
Probus South Pacific Ltd is indeed indebted to our many and various volunteers for their devotion and hard work that results in the success of the company.  Without such commitment and support, we would be a much lesser organisation.  Your personal  contributions have been significant in the role of RDPC which has provided great communication lines with our resident Director, the Probus team in Parramatta and of course the many Probus Clubs in your Rotary District.  Together, we have successfully  promoted the image “Probus -  a Community Service Activity of Rotary Clubs”.
We wish you well in your continuing Rotary Life and various other community commitments.”
Adrian has been an integral part of Probus for a long time, and now it is your turn!
Please let me know if you are interested in finding out more about advancing and leading  the ideals and outcomes which Probus delivers to its thousands of members in our District!
Kalma McLellan
District 9685 Community Service Chair
0417 696 156
Applications are now open for suitably qualified Rotarians to nominate as District Governor 2019/20, If you are interested and would like to know more, please contact PDG Ian Scott, Chair of the Nominating Committee.
Club Presidents, please consider whether your Club is hosting a potential DG. Maybe you could encourage your Member to consider the role??
Find out more about the Dick Smith Grant Project

District Governor Bruce Lakin has joined District Rotary Foundation Chairman David Rands in calling for EVERY club in District 9685 to donate US $2,650 towards the END POLIO NOW campaign in support RI President John Germ’s personal request for special giving to mark the 100th anniversary of The Rotary Foundation in 2016/17.


This unique amount from each club will then be matched by a similar amount from the District 9685 District Designated Fund (DDF), followed by a 50% Rotary World Fund match for a sub total of $6,625.


The amazing generosity of the Gates Foundation then comes into play with a 2 for 1 further match for Polio giving.


Total impact of the original special club donation of $2,650 is and amazing $19,875!!!


Rotary Foundation Chair David has had enquiries from several clubs, but noted payment rom only a small number so far.  So during March we would like to see many more clubs make that special effort and stretch in order to take advantage of the absolutely wonderful opportunity to stretch your $2650 to $19875 of benefit.


Governor Bruce joined the push this week and stated ‘like all things in Rotary, this excellent opportunity will not achieve maximum impact unless we make it happen’.


‘The 100th anniversary of the Rotary Foundation is a very special occasion and there is no better way to celebrate than for everyone to make an extra effort to strive for Polio eradication.  I request club presidents to discuss this request within clubs during the next week and get donations to Chairman David and his team as soon as possible,” he said.


Governor Bruce reminded club presidents that this donation is a special ‘one off’ request and should be in addition to normal giving to The Rotary Foundation.


District Polio Chairs Bob Aitken and Bruce Nicholls have joined District leaders in this fund raising ‘push’ and reminded club presidents that RI President John Germ, in his 2016/17 citation, requests Rotarians around the world to support the club giving program with a personal gift of $26.50 to END POLIO NOW.


This amount of $26.50 is the original amount donated from the International Convention that year to launch The Rotary Foundation and has special significance in this 100th anniversary year.


Chairmen Bob and Bruce suggest that clubs organise a special event in March to raise the total amount required and ease the cost burden on individual members.  Community ‘Walk because you can’ events have proved very popular and successful with mass school children joining Rotarians in main street marches for gold coin donations.


Please click HERE to view - download the ‘Rotary On The Move’ Newsletter for March 2017.
Samantha Chebat is 12 years old and suffers from a rare, serious disabling disease which means that she cannot go to school or associate with other children because of the risk of infection and possible death.
She has wonderful parents and recently, Ryde Toyota in collaboration with our club arranged for a new car to be specially fitted out and supplied for her parents to take her around.
The car cost $30,000 (interest free loan) and to date there has been very generous support from local individuals and The TWT newspaper, we have raised approximately $8000 so far and the funds are initially processed through the RAWCS account for further disbursement .
My personal wish, which is fully supported by our club, is to raise enough funds to clear the debt by mid-year 2017. At the end of the Rotary Year, many clubs look for deserving local community charity cases to be given donations at the Changeover Dinner.
Could you consider making Samantha one of the beneficiaries of your Club’s generosity this year? Any funds raised in excess of the $30,000 target will be donated to Polio Plus”
Could you please help us do this? Any contribution will help this wonderful young girl.
Yours in Rotary
David Malone
President, Rotary Club of Macquarie Park
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