River Cares has been collaborating with Mark Trevakis from Coast Shelter to help a Spencer family of six who have been doing it very tough since the July floods and who were in dire need of a fridge and a washing machine. Coast Shelter approached the Gosford North Rotary Club who have been fundraising since the July floods and they came to the rescue and delivered today a brand new fridge, washing machine and a dryer to this beautiful family. What a Christmas present!
Peter Pearce OAM
Rotary Club of Gosford North
On behalf of the lovely Schofield family and River Cares, I would like to thank the Gosford North Rotary Club for their kindness, thoughtfulness, generosity and support in helping this family especially at Christmas time. This Christmas will be a particularly sad and hard time for the Scholfield family as it will be the first Christmas without their father.
Terri Schofield was so overwhelmed and grateful to receive a brand new fridge, washing machine and dryer. Terri told me later on Wednesday after the delivery, that she has never had anything brand new before.
Thank you again for the fundraising, purchasing and organising the delivery of these white goods to the Schofied family. You have brought a ray of sunshine and hope to this beautiful family at a time when there will be much sadness.