I have reviewed the proposed resolutions put forward by districts around the world. Our district, through Central Blue Mountains Rotary proposed the resolution regarding capturing volunteer time on administration and fundraising.
The results of the vote will be known in late November. 
David Cook and I participated in the Council on Legislation sessions at Institute. It was good practice and worth listening to the proposals put forward by other districts and the RI Board. Our district put forward two proposed enactments.
Basically the Council on Resolutions manages recommendations to the Board to change policies set out in the Code of Policies. 
The Council on Legislation acts as the parliamentary body and votes on bylaw and constitutional changes. 
One Rotarian from every district forms part of the Council. Currently we vote on resolutions every year and on enactments once every three years. 
On behalf of D9685 I have currently voted on the 2018 Council on Resolutions
If Rotarians are interested in finding out more the following materials are available to help you navigate the COR:
  • Council on Resolutions FAQs
  • Council on Resolutions Rules of Procedure
  • How to Read Resolutions
  • How to Participate in the Council on Resolutions