November 15 2018




Bookings for our wonderful celebration of our Rotary Foundation on Monday 26th November are coming in steadily now.  It would be great to have a record attendance of D9685 and D9675 Rotarians, partners, and friends at our dinner with Past Rotary International President Ian Riseley as our Guest Speaker.  PRIP Ian will also make a very special presentation to a Sydney based recipient of a Peace award which is only awarded in the year to one person world wide.


Bookings are closing on Sunday 18 November. Our numbers needs to be finalised for the catering, so I urge you to get those table bookings in for your club as soon as possible.  And for those of you coming individually we look forward to you registering as soon as possible now.


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We welcome you to a great night of fellowship and learning more about our Foundation.





Please click HERE to view - download the ‘Rotary On The Move’ Newsletter for November 2018.   Please feel free to share and send us your great membership stories.





Governor Wendy Protheroe and her amazing team in District 9600 have just received the best possible boost from the END POLIO NOW team at Rotary Headquarters in Evanston, USA … a grant of $185,896.95 to fund hi viz safety vests for our brave volunteers in PNG!
The story goes back to early September and meetings with representatives of WHO and UNICEF who explained the urgent need for the vests to enhance the safety and security of the volunteers providing medical support for victims of vaccine derived polio in the remote outposts of mountainous PNG.
Cost of the vests was estimated to be in the vicinity of $200,000 – completely out of reach for District 9600 and resources available to WHO and UNICEF at that time.
After discussions with Governor Wendy and her team, I sent a request to END POLIO NOW campaign manager Carol Pandak in Evanston seeking special support for the vital requirement.
Carol and her team were on the job immediately and sought support from Wendy and her District leaders in setting up a leadership team, special bank account and other resources.
It was very opportune that the Governor was about to leave for her visit to PNG and she really hit the ground running.
Yesterday, Governor Wendy received official word that The Rotary Foundation Chair Ron Burton had signed off on the grant and $185,896.95 was on the way to the District 9600 Management team – District TRF Chair Darryl Iseppi, Assistant Governor Wendy Scholz and Governor Wendy Protheroe.  Governor Wendy has agreed to accept stewardship responsibilities.
The team has commenced the next step – getting the vests printed with the current Rotary mark and necessary words, followed by distribution to all teams in various regions of PNG.  The vests will ensure the safety of volunteers and it follows contribute to the health of PNG children.
Governor Wendy and her support team was able to visit children in hospital in PNG and became caught up in the emotion of the experience.
Please allow me to share her heartfelt thoughts with you all …
  • Thanks to all the Rotarians who donate funds to Polio Plus – and for making sure the vaccines are reaching the children of the world.
  • Thanks to Polio Plus for recognising that sometimes we need to look a little more broadly than just vaccines and that we truly do have the ability to respond to special needs in various parts of the world.
  • Thanks to Rotarians  on the ground in PNG who are encouraging everyone to travel and connect their children with the vaccinating teams.
  • Thanks to all Rotarians in District 9600 – and I have absolutely no doubt that each of your will donate just a little more this afternoon as you remember why we live ‘service above self’.
Friends … I urge you all to share this story with EVERYONE in your respective Districts.  It provides absolute proof that the fund raising support we have maintained for Polio Plus since 1987 is vital and can benefit people in all parts of the world – even our own back yard!!!
When you are asked ‘why are we still supporting Polio Plus?’ share this story – and how quickly our dedicated leaders at The Rotary Foundation were able to respond.
I encourage you all to use the story to maximise giving in your respective Districts as we move towards the completion of the first half of our Rotary year  -
  • US$1,500 per Rotary club
  • Plan now for 20% of unused DDF to go to END POLIO NOW at year’s end
  • Maintain the search for major donors – US$10,000 each.  They are out there waiting to be asked …
Warm best wishes and thanks,
Bob Aitken AM JP
RI END POLIO NOW Coordinator, Zones 7B/8, 2018/19
In Memoriam
  • Derek Scott - Richmond
  • Allan Forno - Dural
  • Alan Ford OAM - Woy Woy
Please email to let us know of any bereavements you would like published.  
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